Reflections on Uruguay



I loved going on the rides in the in the amusement park.  My favourite was the horse merry go round.  We tried to go again the next day but it was closed.

In Uruguay you need to be 8 years old to climb up the lighthouse.  This was not fair as I could not go up and I wanted to go up.  

I loved seeing my friends Betti and John again.  John is silly and Betti is nice.


I could climb up the lighthouses because I am older than 8. But I did not really like going up it, as the steps were really steep.  We met Betti and John again unexpectedly which was lots of fun.

We did a long drive across Uruguay.  There was not much to see except lots of cows. I liked in the running in the sea when we got to the beaches.  I played tag with Lucy but she could not catch me as I ran in the sea and she had a cut on her foot which stung when she went on the sea.



Uruguay might never hit the top 10 places to visit in South America but that doesn't mean it is without its charms. The white powdery sand Atlantic beaches are definitely a highlight. 

On our two day drive across the interior we saw how most of the country is agricultural, especially as it was harvest time. We saw many gauchos (Cowboys) riding their horses with their berets and baggy trousers. Beef farming is big here and I was surprised to hear Uruguay is is home of the Oxo cube in the town of Fray Bentos. A familiar name to most Brits, from the famous meat pies, which I also never knew came from Uruguay. 

We've felt very secure in Uruguay, parking up for the night in several town centres, including the capital Montevideo. 



Uruguay is one of the smallest South American countries but we still drove over 1,500kms in 9 days so it is all relative.  It is probably the most developed country we have been to in South America and feels very European.  While there are no stunning must see highlights it is a very pleasant country to travel around.  As such it makes a good place to start or in our case finish a South American adventure.

We were lucky in that we got summer weather without the summer crowds when we were at the beautiful Atlantic beaches in the North East.  We were also fortunate to witness a number of lovely sunsets.

Uruguay is famous for its fantastic beef and we certainly saw plenty of cows while driving across the interior of the country. Some people even say it is better than the beef in Argentina but based on my extensive research I think the crown for best beef still belongs to Argentina. 



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