About the Team

Can we really drive around the world with two young children in tow? We can certainly try! Welcome to the Snaith family's journey around the world exploring the natural beauty of our planet and the amazing things there are to see. After many years living abroad and travelling for business we felt it was time to take a break and see the world at a much slower pace. Although we had all travelled extensively we loved the idea of doing this in our own vehicle. Having enjoyed a number of much shorter trips by Land Rover in Africa and lots of other travelling we felt it was time to undertake the really big one. We left in the Summer of 2013 to Halifax, Canada, headed through North and Central America. We are currently in South America from where we are planning to ship the vehicle to Australia, possibly via Southern Africa, and then just (!) drive back home to England. So come and join us on our journey. It's going to be fun!

An Introduction

Since meeting in Kenya and then driving across Africa for 4 months, 19 years ago, we have been planning for this trip. In the following 2 years back in the UK, we dreamed that one day we would take a long extended trip by some sort of vehicle. Being British we always pictured ourselves in a Land Rover with a roof tent and heading off somewhere interesting.. however, normal life had to continue. Steve was offered a job in Moscow, Russia, Gilly followed a couple of years later when she finished university and we ended up staying for 11 years. We then moved onto the wonderful city of Prague for 4½ years. Well the girls and Gilly did, Steve's job meant that he used it as a base to travel all around Central and Eastern Europe but he enjoyed his weekends back in the Czech Republic. Although there is never a perfect time to go, we felt that leaving 15 months ago worked well for us. We'd been planning it for a long time and the girls are still at primary school age which makes home schooling easier. We are enjoying it so much that we are planning on extending our initial planned trip by a year, to take it to 4 years all together. In that time we hope to travel right around the world but the only thing that is certain is that plans always change as we go along. The Team - Updated November 2014, after being on the road over 15 months Alisha is now a very grown up girl of 9. Luckily she still enjoys telling stories and playing lots of imaginative games with her younger sister. She loves nothing better than a good book and is happy whiling away long driving days immersed in her kindle. She likes sewing and dreaming up elaborate costumes to make. She is an excellent hiker and is happy walking for miles. image Lucy has just turned 6. Having spent nearly a quarter of her life travelling it is just normal life to her. With an active imagination, like her sister, she happily plays elaborate games with lego or her plastic animal collection. She is wild about animals and has surprised several guides with her in depth knowledge about different ecosystems and creatures. She is a prolific collector of stones, feathers, sticks but is starting to understand why we can't carry everything she collects with us. image Steve is the driver and meticulous planner for the trip. Without him, nothing much would get done. In his former life travelling around Central and Eastern Europe he had little time to spend with his family, they now have to cope with him 24/7. He has adjusted well to his new retired life and doesn't miss the cut and thrust of his old life. image Gilly was a Secondary school Science teacher before she became the girl's homeschooling teacher, on this trip. She has always loved travelling and seeing the world, stretching her initial gap year to three years of travelling and working before university. Whilst living abroad she and Steve have travelled extensively even when the girls were tiny babies. image