A few videos of what we have been up to (the ones the girls have made is on their page)  

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    • We shipped the truck by RORO. These are the ships that transport the cars around the world. They will also take individual shipments.

  1. Oh , you have inspired me to do South America and who knows where next.Was at the same places in your video about 4 years ago.
    We are busy building motorhome for two on a Landcruiser VX 4.2 diesel by AC Motorhomes in Cape Town and I never thought that I would ever spend so much on a camper , but this is a long term investment that will replace the beach house or even the current house in Langebaan on the West Coast , South Africa.
    Friend of mine is going back to Europe and would appreciate advice on who he could approach for a camper that he wants to live in permanently.

    • Hi Angus. South America is great and well worth an extended trip. Re a camper build in Europe it depends what your friend is looking for. If he has the time it would be well worth him visiting Abenteur & Allrad. This is a show in Bad Kissingen, Germany held every year, usually in June that exhibits all sorts of campers from jeeps up to 10m trucks. All the major off road camper companies exhibit there. If he is only touring Europe and doesn’t need an off road camper there are hundreds of companies out there. For an off-road camper built on a truck base most of the companies are in Germany with one or two in Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. He may also want to look at the Facebook group Overland Sphere who have a buy and sell group.

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