Meeting our neighbours and relaxing at our last Mexican stop

After leaving George and Anne's we headed back to the beach side campsite at Tulum and spent the afternoon on the white sandy beach.

20131215-103455.jpg That evening we had a surprise. A few months ago an American journalist had picked up our website and posted a short review of it on the Expedition Portal, a forum for Overland travellers. See We did not know anything about this until we saw a surge of visitors to our website. We were then contacted by a Czech couple,Marek and Zuzana, with the comments "Did you live in Vilimovska in Prague? We think we used to walk past your truck parked in your drive". Well we did live there, and it turns out Marek and Zuzana lived in the same street and were driving a van from New York to Patagonia. We were just relaxing at the campsite in Tulum when Zuzana turned up and said "I think you are our neighbours from Prague". What a small world. We lived in the same small street, both preparing for a big overland trip and we never knew each other. Anyway we had a lovely evening catching up with them over beers.

20131215-103547.jpg From Tulum we headed to the lovely campsite, Yax Ha in Calderitas just outside Chetumal, close to the Mexican/Belize border. This was a lovely campsite with a great setting and we were able to park the truck right next to the sea. There was also a lovely swimming pool and a French family with 3 children for the girls to play with.


20131215-103736.jpg We spent our weekend here relaxing, swimming in the pool and preparing for the border crossing. This meant eating up all our meat, vegetables and fruit. We also need to finish off the beers!


20131215-103933.jpg And this was the view from our bed. Not a bad view to wake up to.


5 thoughts on “Meeting our neighbours and relaxing at our last Mexican stop

  1. Just catching up on your adventures, now that holidays are behind us. How astonishing that you connected with your Prague neighbors there in Central America! And what a lovely view from your window!

  2. That is too funny to travel half way around the world and meet your neighbor in Prague. As always, I am enjoying reading about your adventure and love the pictures. Happy travels.

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