Reflections on Nicaragua

20140213-143449.jpg Lucy I like to call Nicaragua "knickers-jaguar" or the "tiger country", when I forget what it is called. I like playing on the beach with all my friends. I get very sandy and it is very hot. We saw loads of howler monkeys who were very noisy. We have also seen spider monkeys. On one of the beaches I caught a fish in my bucket, I called it a "golden fidget".

20140213-143629.jpg Alisha The best thing I did in Nicaragua was boogie boarding. It is really easy once you get the hang of it. I can go further than anyone else on a big wave. I met lots of people traveling like me and we have all been playing together.

20140213-143749.jpg Gilly Nicaragua has impressed us with its clean roads and friendly people. The colonial towns of Leon and Granada were picturesque and fun to wander around. Our time on Isle de Ometepe gave us a chance to see more of rural, agricultural Nicaragua. We've loved staying on the beach at Playa Madera. When so far from our home community it is always nice to meet up with other who are doing something similar to us, especially if we meet them several times. The view from the window above our bed.

20140213-143943.jpg Steve Whilst Nicaragua is the largest Central American country we have only really travelled down the narrow side of it near the Pacific and have only driven about 500 kms in nearly two weeks. The rest of the country leading over to the Caribbean is less populated and fairly flat countryside. There is a lot though packed into the small side we visited. Colonial towns, volcanoes, a large freshwater lake and some fabulous beaches. It has also been great catching up with fellow overlanders and swapping stories and spending time having a beer together. Been camped on the beach was great as it was such a beautiful spot and great company. Part of the girl's project on Mexico and Central America.


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