Reflections on El Salvador

20140131-151004.jpg Lucy I liked having a campfire again as I got to roast marshmallows which I love. I also made a handkerchief. I did the stitching with the lady helping me. Alisha did it with Mummy but she was not as good as the lady. I also made a Papusa and the lady served it in a wooden bowl and it was yummy. Daddy also made chips at the beach in the Cobb and they were also yummy but we now need to buy some more tomato ketchup.

20140131-151027.jpg Alisha I went horse riding all by myself and I had to hold the reins. A man led me around the coffee farm. The horse was nice and calm. At about halfway when we were about to turn, Mummy and Lucy's horse said in its mind "I am fed up and want to go back" and went back up the slope we had just come down. The man had to tie my horse to a post and go and get Lucy and Mummy's horse. Daddy's horse thought it would also follow the other horse home. Me and Lucy made handkerchiefs that were blue with flowers on. We made one each. The lady gave me big rubber gloves to wear so I could dye the handkerchief. I had to sew all around the lines that the lady had drawn.

20140131-151116.jpg I loved the dinner we cooked on the beach because it was steak, chips and corn on the cobb. The steak was a little too chewy but I loved the chips and sweet corn. I helped Daddy put reflector stripes on the truck. It looks red and white war paint on it.

20140131-151155.jpg Gilly El Salvador might not have all the huge "Wow!" sights of some of its neighbours but it makes up for it in the picturesque scenery and lovely people. In small towns we've been in here, especially Suchitoto we got the feeling that people were very keen to put the war far, far behind them and build a peaceful and harmonious communities. I also liked the two churches we went into here. They were light, airy and simply decorated. It looked like they were thoroughly used as places of active worship. In Mexican towns we had almost stopped going into the numerous churches as they were so ornate, richly decorated but dark and stuffy. The Spanish conquistadors used some of the wealth they got from exploiting the local country to building huge gothic cathedrals full of gold and lavishly bedecked with statues that they seemed far removed from my ideas of my Christian faith.


20140131-151312.jpg Steve I did not know what to expect with El Salvador. It has had a violent past and there is still a lot of crime today, although mainly gang related in the capital. The country is only small and it's highlights are not as mind blowing as some of the other countries we have visited. However the people are very friendly and welcoming and as you spend some time in the country it gradually grows on you. The landscape is very varied with volcanos, coffee plantations and large pacific surf. We never felt unsafe here and we met a lot of Salvadorians that lived abroad and were back visiting. We were also here just before the Presidential election so there were posters everywhere although people were pretty relaxed about it.



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