Ferry To The Mainland

We reluctantly left Las Barrilles and headed to the little town of Todos Santos. This town is classified as a "pueblo magico" by the Mexican government which means it is targeted for tourism. The town is an arty sort of place with galleries and coffee shops although our campsite left a lot to be desired. We spent a little time wondering around the town enjoying the scenery.




20131107-202102.jpg Since there was a well renowned restaurant in town we decided to treat ourselves to a night out. First we started off with pre dinner drinks at a rooftop bar before heading to the swanky Italian restaurant in town.


20131107-202217.jpg After Todos Santos it was time to leave Baja California and head for the ferry to take us to the mainland, a 17 hour journey away. We were a little concerned when we drove the truck into the port as we did not have a clue what to do and had bought a ticket for the truck as a mini motorhome. We were worried they would reclassify the truck which would double the price. As it happened check in went very smoothly. They measured the truck and then issued the tickets. We were a mini motorhome after all. Gilly and the girls had to go to the terminal to wait for the ferry while I queued up with the trucks. Most of the vehicles doing the journey were trucks with only a few cars. When it came time to board you had to reverse your vehicle onto the ferry. What was worse was that as I was on an upper level I also had to reverse it up a long narrow ramp and then parallel park the truck. I was glad I did not have to do this before I had got used to driving the truck.


20131107-202327.jpg The crossing was smooth and we had booked a cabin for the night, although we had 2 beds between us. The fare included dinner and breakfast as well as constant running videos. Unfortunately the bloody shoot out scene in Django Unchained was timed to coincide with eating breakfast.

20131107-202421.jpg We arrived in Mazatlan and drove a few kilometres to a very nice campsite called Punto Cerritos RV park. This had a lovely swimming pool overlooking the ocean. It was very full as the North American snowbirds are now all heading into Mexico.

20131107-202524.jpg The reason we decided to stay a couple of nights in Mazatlan is that it is famous for fishing and I wanted to have another chance at trying to catch a Marlin. So the next day I headed out on a boat. Unfortunately it was a pretty blank day with just a few very small Tuna to show for my efforts. That Marlin continues to be elusive and I think I am just not lucky when it comes to fishing. We are now going to head away from the coast and into the interior of Mexico.

2 thoughts on “Ferry To The Mainland

  1. Steve, I think you should measure your fishing success by the locales in which you have pursued your sport rather than in landing a trophy fish!

    Gorgeous pics of Gilly and the girls — can’t believe how long Alisha’s hair has gotten!


  2. Pleased the crossing went well photos are lovely. Sorry you had no luck in the fishing but never mind you tried.
    Take care love you all Mum & Dad xxxx

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