Grand Teton National Park

After the wonders of Yellowstone we drove into Grand Teton NP which is adjacent to Yellowstone. The magnificent scenery just continued to appear in front of our eyes with the Teton mountain range rising from the valley. We spent a couple of days in the park admiring the scenery, looking for wildlife and hiking. We have been doing a lot of this recently but are still loving it.


20130910-220201.jpg We saw some magnificent Elk, although often from a distance, as well as Mule Deer.



20130910-220350.jpg After an early morning drive we arrived in Jackson, a hip little town that is busy with hikers in summer and skiers in winter. After 10 days in the US it was time to introduce the girls to the big American breakfast and it did not disappoint. If we had lost any weight on the trip so far we put it back on with that meal. The girls loved the massive pancakes!

20130910-220523.jpg After doing our weekly chores, laundry, truck clean etc we went for a wander around Jackson. It is a lovely place with great outdoors on its doorstep. We could see it would be a great place to retire too and there were some amazing ranches for sale. We finished the day with dinner at a microbrewery that was chosen due to a) location, b) quality of food or c) range of beers? Well it was walking distance from the campground and their was a family restaurant in the brewery so it seemed too good to miss and it did not disappoint.





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