Beautiful Lake Como

  We awoke on Easter Sunday to glorious sunshine, after the the previous days torrential rain, it looked wonderful. A quick distribution of eggs and bunnies on the outside of the truck to avoid the mud, started the day with a madcap run around in pyjamas. IMG_0729SONY DSCSONY DSC   Not wishing to try driving the truck through the tiny winding streets on the western side of the lake we walked to the next village and grabbed a bus to Menaggio and then jumped onto a ferry to the village of Bellagio.   SONY DSC

We'd heard Lake Como was beautiful but we were blown away by the snow covered peaks surrounding the azure waters of the lake. The villages we passed though, balanced on the shores of the lake extending upwards to the foothills were picturesque with small farms laid out on terraces. As we got further south we got glimpses of historic villas with gardens laid out formally but spring flowering trees already in full bloom.


    We spent a very happy afternoon wandering around Bellagio. It was teeming with people both local and tourists enjoying the sunshine on Easter Sunday afternoon.SONY DSC SONY DSC   There was a frantic rush back back to catch one of the two buses a day on a bank holiday. But the view of the mountains in the evening light made up for the dash from the ferry that was running late. SONY DSC Easter Monday dawned cold but clear and we decided a rest day was in order. The girls tried out the tent we bought for hiking excursions on the big trip and a game of cricket confused the passing locals. Tomorrow we are hoping go over the mountain pass through Switzerland for two nights in Liechtenstein (I can't help thinking is it the scenery and hiking that attached Steve to this route, or is it his county count;).

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