Beautiful Brazilian Beaches

We have spent the last week lazing away on some lovely Brazilian beaches. Coming from the Northern hemisphere it feels quite luxurious to be enjoying such beaches and the sunshine in November. The weather has been great, in the high 20s during the day with a lovely sea breeze which has continued into the evening. Mind you we have had the odd bit of rain but not enough to spoil things. After finishing our little "holiday" at the wonderful Pousada Taipu do Fora we headed south down the coast. The road wound its way around headlands and occasionally afforded us lovely views of the beaches. DSC00645-1.JPG Finding an idyllic spot on the beach is quite hard as although the beaches are all public, access to them is often difficult due to private land or where there is access there is not a suitable place to park up for the night. However with perseverance you can find places. Just south of Ilheus we came across a campsite right on the beach and spent a lovely couple of days there whiling away the time. Of course the children still had to do their schooling. DSC00654.JPG DSC00650.JPG From there we drove further south to the fishing village of Canavierias. Here we found a spot to park on the sea front between some beach side restaurants. As it was midweek it was very quiet apart from some people exercising on the beach. We also went for a walk along the beach but just as we got back to the truck the heavens opened and it rained and rained for about 6 hours. We holed up in a bar for a couple of hours and the horses that came along the beach seemed unperturbed by the weather. DSC00665.JPG DSC00667.JPG DSC00659.JPG The next morning the sun had come out again and we set off for the long drive south crossing the state border into Espirito Santo. Here we arrived at the lovely sleepy village of Itaunas. Immediately we could see we would like it here. The beach was hidden behind some sand dunes and the village had a quiet sleepy feel with sand streets and a sprinkling of bars and restaurants. We were here in the low season so it was surprisingly quiet. We found an ideal little campsite. The next morning we saw a troop of White faced Pygmy Marmosets moving through the trees on the campsite. These little animals were really tiny about the size of a small squirrel but would come quite close to us. DSC00679.JPG DSC00693.JPG We walked from the village across the sand dunes to the lovely beach. This was the new village as the sand dunes had buried the original village over 40 years ago. After taking a stroll we holed up in one of the beach side restaurants where we had a couple of drinks and fish and chips of course. DSC00709.JPG DSC00712.JPG DSC00714.JPG DSC00707.JPG It was also a good base to take refreshing dips in the sea. DSC00716.JPG Anyway it's time for us to pull ourselves away from the beach and head back inland to see the sites of the state of Minas Gerais.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Brazilian Beaches

  1. Ooooh it looks lovely and warm. We skated outside today! Memories of Charlie days in Praha and the fishpond frozen like all of us!

    • Hi Jess, it sounds like you are enjoying a proper winter after your years in India. It was great fun at Gabi’s but I have to say I’m not missing the winter at the moment. We did our Southern Hemisphere winter a few months ago in Peru and Boliva, so it is so good to enjoy the heat now. How are you settling back in? Are you Washington based? Gxxx

  2. It was -5F yesterday in Colorado with 5 inches of snow on the ground. Your pictures at the beach would have made us droll with envy if we weren’t working so hard on staying warm! We’ll look forward to your next installment.
    Chris and Steve

    • We have paid our dues with the cold after all the winters in Moscow. Now we are avoiding it. Hope it warms up soon for you or you get to do some skiing.

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