Trip Facts and Figures

Trip Length : 4 years, 1 month and 4 days or 1,496 days Distance driven: 179,642kms (111,624 miles) Continents visited : 7 Countries visited : 58 Longest time spent in one country - Australia - 256 days Shortest time spent in one country - Bosnia - 15 minutes Blogs written : 297 Photos kept : 14,228 Videos recorded : 49

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    • Dear Aaron,


      That’s a rather difficult question to answer. We took 18 years planning and prepping for our trip but I hope no one else spends as long as we did! We had an idea and kept working towards it for all that time but it did mean that when we left we could go for 4 years and around the world at the pace we wanted to go for, without having to work on the road.

      However, we have many friends who’ve upped and gone in a far shorter space of time, even within a few months. I guess it depends how sorted your finances are and what you need to sort out at home, whether you have a house to rent out etc. Deciding to leave is often the hardest step but it is amazing how easy it becomes once you’ve set your mind to it.

      Good luck and happy travels

    • Hi Kasius. We love our truck which was built in Germany by a company called Bocklet. There are a number of such companies in Germany that build such trucks.
      In terms of cost, as with everyday life this is personal and everybody spends different amounts depending on their lifestyle, what they do and how far they travel. Broadly expenditure falls into a number of different buckets: Food and drink, activities, fuel, shipping and vehicle maintenance and any one off special trips. With regard to food and drink the cost of this is likely to be the same as grocery shopping at home, probably a little cheaper as in many countries food is cheaper than in the UK for example. Again activities are likely to be similar to what you do in normal life, if at home you go out for dinner, go to the cinema etc. Fuel depends on your vehicle and how far you travel and is likely to be more than at home but you won’t be paying household utility bills. Vehicle maintenance again varies but is probably not dissimilar to what you spend maintaining your car and house at home although it clearly depends on what goes wrong. Shipping is expensive and a rough estimate is $75 per cubic metre of vehicle plus port fees( approx 1,000 in fees per shipping). On top of that you have the cost of flying between continents. Special trips clearly depend on what you do much like the cost of a holiday at home depends on where you go.
      The biggest issue is saving for the vehicle (cost varies widely depending on what you want) and for not having any income whilst travelling. We found we spent less in a year travelling than we did in a year at home. Hope this helps a little.

    • Shipping takes time and is a pain. The shipping companies are used to dealing with companies that ship hundreds of vehicles at a time so shipping one is a bit of a nuisance for them. However it is doable and most companies we have used have been very helpful. Costs vary but about $75 per cubic metre is a good guide for shipping from continent to continent. On top of that there are usually port costs at both ends.

  1. Congratulations, what an amazing achievement, I’m sure there must be a book after this incredible adventure, well done to you all, we have followed with great interest and not a little trepidation for you all. Very glad you are back safe and sound. Good luck to Alisha as she starts her new school, and to you all as you settle for a time back in dear ‘old blighty’

  2. Trip Length : 4 years, 1 month and 4 days or 1,496 days Time fly’s! Ours is still starting after untold frustrating delays ………!
    Distance driven: 179,642kms (111,624 miles) cool your steed was exemplary with minor broken details. German Quality! But expect you would want to change some things next time round. (aircon ? break covers?)
    Continents visited : 7 Not much more left then?
    Countries visited : 58 Loads more of that, but you had a good ride without major hiccups, regarding politics, violence and such stuff.
    Longest time spent in one country – Australia – 256 days good on yeah – Fair dinkum!
    Shortest time spent in one country – Bosnia – 15 minutes well not a big place and on the way home. Like Lichtenstein or Luxemburg – only good for fuel stops.
    Blogs written : 297 just checked read 268
    Photos kept : 14,228 no comment will be now family heirloom
    Videos recorded : 49 don’t think watched any but then our internet is very ropy indeed

    Good luck with the re- integration! If you don’t mind we will contact you (via gmail) and have a timble of Malbeck as and when.
    Hamba kahle

  3. We have thoroughly enjoyed your trip around the world. Thank you for sharing with your writing and photos. What an adventure you have had. Will you keep us posted on what the Snaith Family will be doing next? You are all an inspiration!

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