NovaScotia, Canada … The first few days

After the 3 days we spent in Halifax we were chomping at the bit to go once we had collected the truck. For the first day we decided not to overstretch ourselves and set off to Maitland just 1 1/2 hours away. Maitland is famous for its tidal bore. As the Bay of Fundy has such high tides you can see the water flow in the opposite direction in the river at high tide. We weren't sure what it was going to look like but we'd been ready to get out into the beautiful wild woods of Nova Scotia since we'd seen them from the plane and this was slap bang in the wilds. As the truck does not need any electrical plug in, toilet, showers or water when we are at a campsite, we do not need to park in the busy RV section but at the first campsite we found we could park in a wilderness area. We were thrilled to see a deer making a swift exit as we entered the large empty clearing in the middle of the woods.

20130730-202729.jpg The tidal bore was in fact far more impressive than we had expected. We could hear the waves approaching the virtually empty river from the direction of the sea before we could see them. Not sure the photo below does it justice.

20130730-202940.jpg The girls soon got tired of waiting for the high tide so made themselves busy building fairy houses out of sticks and ferns.

20130730-203114.jpg Finally we were where we wanted to be, cooking dinner on the Cobb oven, nice bottle of red wine and out in the wilderness. Although in our dreams we imagined a beautiful sunset. Well, we did not get the sunset but at least it had stopped raining long enough for us to eat outside. The girls even went straight off to sleep without the usual nightmare battle ...wonderful. The next morning we set off to Cape Breton National Park and drove along the Cabot Trail. We were also starting to realise that the truck was becoming a bit of a "film star". It is very different to what people have in North America and a number of people stopped to ask us about it and to take photos of it. At the National Park we camped in a delightful little spot.

20130730-203609.jpg Over the next few days we went on a number of nice walks with some great scenery along the way.



20130730-203851.jpg We even saw a moose while we were driving.

20130730-203935.jpg At our second campsite in the National Park there was even a small beach by the river inlet near the sea which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

20130730-204042.jpg Mind you the weather was a bit hit and miss and unfortunately our whale watching trip was cancelled due to bad weather.

20130730-204152.jpg Cape Breton National Park was really beautiful but it was time to start heading west. We are heading to Quebec but as it is over 1250kms away (distances are big in Canada) it will take a few days to get there. Still there are some pleasant spots next to lakes to camp at along the way.

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  1. It all looks very nice and pleased that you are enjoying it lets hope the weather improves for you. We are both well bit hot but good . Take care love to the girls xxxx

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