The Truck is Ready

Yesterday we went to Bocklet in Koblenz to see the Truck. It is virtually finished and we are really pleased with it. The team at Bocklet have done a great job. They have listened to what we wanted and come up with some great ideas. There are also some wonderful little touches that make it all the more special. We can not wait to use it properly.

20121125-150714.jpg The next step is to have the truck delivered to England and this is planned for 2 weeks time. It then needs to have its headlights changed for right hand drive and also to go through an Individual Vehicle Approval. If that goes well then hopefully it will be registered in time for Christmas.



One thought on “The Truck is Ready

  1. Awesome, congratulations for realizing your dreams, can’t wait to see updates of your upcoming journey! Have a wonderful Christmas, Love the Quinns xoxo

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