The Truck is on its way

We had a fairly uneventful drive back to England from Prague in the truck. Since we have been back in England we have been staying at our cottage in the New Forest. We have been really lucky as we seem to have timed our visit with the start of English summer and the weather has been absolutely fantastic. Mind you we have been pretty busy so have not been able to enjoy it too much. Having packed up one house in Prague we are now packing up a second. Also there are a whole host of odd jobs to do as we are looking at letting the cottage out while we are away. Last Thursday I drove the truck back to Antwerp for shipping to Canada. You may ask why Antwerp when a ship goes from Southampton only 20 miles away. The simple answer is the Belgians make it easy and the Brits make it difficult. On Thursday night I parked the truck up close to the port and spent the in night in a truck park with all the other truckers. The next morning I drove to the port, filled in some paperwork, drove to the dock and handed over the keys. All really straightforward and completed in less than an hour. They even called me a taxi to take me to Antwerp station. I caught the train home and was back in time for dinner on Friday night. We are working hard to try and get everything sorted so we can spend time with family and friends this weekend. 12 days until we fly to Canada.

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