The Great Lakes

Over the last few days we've been experiencing more of Canada's stunning lakeside parks. At Pukaskwa the dense woodland of boreal forest gave way to the perfect white sand beaches of Lake Superior. The sands were scattered with thousands of trees stripped and bleached white by the waves and sun. We enjoyed clambering over the logs so much we went back later for a sunset scramble.





20130817-164247.jpg The girls hiking abilities are gradually improving, Alisha is already a good walker but Lucy is still working on her "long walking without moaning" badge, as her sister puts in. Considering she is not yet 5, she is excellent walker. However, we have discovered that the rougher the path with the biggest rocks, the better she is. She positively skips along paths that have massive boulders to scramble over, leaving the rest of us behind. Steve has rekindled his childhood passion for fishing, something he has hardly had time for over the last 30years. The girls, especially Alisha, are keen to join him. They tried out their new equipment that afternoon. Unfortunately they weren't rewarded on their first afternoon but still enjoyed it. The park also gave the chance for the girls to explore a copy of a First Nation camp, which fits nicely with their first schooling topic.



20130817-164439.jpg The only catch of the day. We then headed further west to Sandbar provincial park, another lakeside gem. Lucy was particularly entranced by the inquisitive chipmunks and squirrel at the site. The girls were thrilled to meet a couple of girls staying in the campsite. Lucy and I spent the afternoon playing on the beach with their family and friends, while Steve and Alisha were out on the lake. This time they successfully caught a pickerel (walleye) which they mistakenly threw back thinking they couldn't eat it. We tried some later cooked by our new friends and it was delicious. The girls meanwhile learnt about s'mores, a delicious combination of a marshmallow melted on a fire with chocolate, sandwiched between 2 biscuits. Unsurprisingly it was huge hit.








2 thoughts on “The Great Lakes

  1. Been reading your blog with mum and dad, looks like you are having a great time, the pictures are fab. Our last day in Spain tomorrow, had a wonderful, relaxing time. Take care and love to all x x

  2. it really looks very beautiful and you all seem to be having a wonderful time.I am sure Lucy will soon enjoy hiking as you say she is only four. Take care and love to you all xxxxx

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