The Endless Plains

We left the lakes and entered the Canadian plains as we entered Manitoba. We had heard a lot about the plains. How boring they were, how we would be excited when the road went round a corner etc etc. In some ways we were looking forward to them just to see what they were like. Whilst we have done some long driving days they have not been that bad. We spent a night in Winnipeg and the next morning went to the Museum of Manitoba which the kids loved. After that we went to Riding Mountain National Park and camped on Lake Audy. We were hoping to see some wildlife and were rewarded with Bison. Also unfortunately after going for a paddle in the lake we also acquired some leeches. Alisha's was the leech removal expert as she had read about it in her explorer guide.

20130820-210132.jpg As well as more lovely sunsets.

20130820-210252.jpg On our last morning we set off very early in the hope of seeing more wildlife on the road before any traffic. We saw more bison, some deer and some lovely morning mist but still no bear.

20130820-210450.jpg Disappointed we stopped for breakfast just before the park exit. Almost immediately after setting off a bear ran out into the road in front of us. It was a brief sighting ( sorry no photo) but it was great to see our first bear and from the safety of the truck. There had been a mother bear with 3 cubs in our camp the night before but we had not seen them. We headed into Saskatchewan and onto Saskatoon. We have spent the day catching up on all the jobs that need doing. The biggest one has been sorting out the girls schooling. Before we left we bought for Alisha her literacy and Maths curriculum books with accompanying CD Roms. Steve also received as a kind leaving present a new computer. However we found out new computers no longer have CD Rom readers. Unperturbed we went to Apple in Winnipeg where they kindly loaded the CD Roms onto our computer. But the next problem was that the CD Rom materials were so old that the computer could not read them. Anyway we have half solved the problem by going to the public library in Saskatoon and printing the relevant pieces off. Where there is a will there is a way, so no escape from school for Alisha. A few views of the plains, including the flies that splatter the windscreen.



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  1. Steve, so good to hear from you, looks like you are enjoying the adventure. The bison looks awesome, very impressive. Looking forward to new stories from you. Maybe Gilly and/or Alisha could contribute? All the best, Lioudmila

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