Reunited with the Truck and all set.

After all the planning and all the waiting we finally left for Heathrow on Sunday morning. The flight to Halifax, Canada was uneventful and the kids were really well behaved. Although this may have been due to them watching films all the way over. We breezed through Canadian customs, picked up our hire car, checked into our motel and went to a diner for dinner. As the ship with the truck was not due in until early Tuesday morning we spent Monday sorting a few things out eg Data SIM card for Canada. As the motel had a pool, the kids were also keen to try that out too. In the late afternoon we headed down for a walk on the waterfront and finished with lobster for dinner. It's what Halifax is famous for so it would be a shame not to indulge. As we were up early the next morning ( still not fully over the jet lag) we were able to see the ship dock carrying the truck.

20130724-211212.jpg We then spent the morning going around Halifax's most famous site The Citadel which was very interesting and also the guides made it fun for the children.


20130724-211415.jpg The kids also enjoyed playing at changing the guard.

20130724-211521.jpg And then we watched the real thing.

20130724-211601.jpg On the way back we drove past the port and could see the truck had arrived but we needed to wait for it to clear customs before we could collect it.

20130724-211725.jpg In the afternoon we drove to a little fishing village. Unfortunately it was raining and foggy so we could not really appreciate it but we did enjoy the fish and chips. On Wednesday we were able to collect the truck. This went really easy. First a trip to the shipping agents, then the customs office and then off to the port to pick the truck up. All in all it only took about an hour and a half. We then spent the rest of the day getting everything ready. Filling the truck up with diesel, water, food and gas as well as re packing everything. But now we are all set to go.


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