Ready for Canada……

We’ve been back in the Uk 3 weeks now and we are off to Canada in less than 36 hours. The whole realisation that the trip, adventure, departure and whole new life is about to start hasn’t really sunk in yet.

We hadn’t really appreciated how much work our cottage in the New Forest would need before we could rent it out long term, so we’ve been really busy with that. We thought the letting and maintenance were far, far further on than we found they were. No matter a bit of DIY and cleaning never killed anyone……even Steve (although I think he would have been much happier back at work than sorting things out). It looks fabulous now and hopefully someone will snap it up soon.

We’ve been truly blessed with the weather in our time here, day after glorious day of sunshine has made the days here very pleasant. I’m not sure we could have coped with 3 weeks or torrential rain like last summer’s time back here. I has also been wonderful to see so many family and friends, although very sad to say goodbye. As well as seeing individuals, last weekend we did 2 days of goodbyes. Saturday was Steve’s old friends from primary school and their families with his mum and dad and on Sunday a mass gathering of both families. Chatting, lazing in the garden, eating and drinking in the sun was a lovely relaxed way to say goodbye. At the moment it feels like a normal summer meet up, living overseas for so long we sometimes only see family once or twice a year. But I think the reality will soon sink in….








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  1. Good luck! We are thinking of you and are eagerly following your blog. Clara is missing her dear friend and is very interested to know where Lucy is and what she is doing…

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