Our last week in Prague

We have finally reached our last week in Prague. It's been a hectic few weeks. Definitely a case of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Some days nothing seems to get done or plans go astray and then other days things just click into place and we make a big leap forward. The last couple of weeks we have been focused on selling pretty much everything in the house and we are pretty much there now. This weekend we have really broken the back of getting the house sorted. The truck is pretty much packed and the much of the furniture in the house has gone. Last night someone came to collect Lucy's bed. The problem was she was sleeping in it at the time. So we lifted her out and she awoke this morning without a problem on a mattress on the floor. Tonight our table went so from now on dinner will be picnics on the floor. The rest of our beds go on Wednesday so we will then be camping in the house! Once we arrive in England we will need to un pack pretty quickly. The shipping time for the truck has been changed so we need to take the truck to Antwerp 3 days after we arrive in England. We will all really miss Prague. The girls have a busy week at school but we know they will be sad to leave. We have had a lovely time here and the glorious weather of the last week as well as all our friends have given us a great send off. Only 4 weeks until we fly to Canada.

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