On to the Great Lakes

We left 6 Mile Island Provincial Park and drove onto Killarney Provincial Park. Unfortunately the campground was full so we drove to a campsite in the village of Killarney. That afternoon we went canoeing around the edge of the lake.


20130812-085515.jpg And we stopped off on some rocky islands which the girls loved running and jumping on.

20130812-085616.jpg All the paddling ultimately took its toll on one of the crew.

20130812-085703.jpg The next morning we drove into the National Park to do some hiking. It was spectacular wilderness and the girls did great with their walking without complaining.

20130812-085825.jpg We then drove onto Sudbury to stock up on provisions. As it was late afternoon and we were shopping at Walmart we decided to camp in the car park for the night with the other RVs. We bought a hot roast chicken and the kids had another movie night. After the fishing success of the other day, Steve popped back to Walmart to buy fishing gear for the girls (or perhaps himself !).

20130812-090123.jpg The next day we drove to Lake Superior Provincial park and were lucky enough to get a campsite on the beach.

20130812-090231.jpg We decided here was a good place for the children to start home schooling. So Gilly set up the classroom for the first day at school.

20130812-090350.jpg The rest of the day was spent relaxing around the beach. It finished with a lovely camp fire and a wonderful sunset. Exactly how we imagined our days would finish when we began planning this trip.


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