More of the magnificent Rockies

We have spent the last few days exploring the magnificent Canadian Rockies. All the Canadians we have met have said how fantastic they were and they are not wrong. We left our campsite near Jasper to drive the Icefields Parkway. Whilst the weather was not the best the views were still fantastic. We stopped at the Athabasca glacier for a closer look and also for the girls to do some schooling with a view.

20130830-093535.jpg After entering Banff National Park we camped at Lake Louise. We were lucky enough to see some wildlife along the way to camp. The next morning we wereup early to drive to Lake Moraine to beat the crowds and were rewarded with some magnificent views.


20130830-093932.jpg We then went to Lake Louise itself.

20130830-094039.jpg Yet more fantastic views. We decided to trek up to Agnes Lake to a tea house they had up there. This was a 4km trek gaining 400m in altitude. To our surprise the girls flew up the mountainside chatting all the way. Perhaps it was the promise of scones for lunch at the top that propelled them along the way. As Alisha said "Grandpa would definitely walk up here for tea and scones".

20130830-094347.jpg The next day we drove to Banff for lunch along the quiet back way and were rewarded with the below sighting.

20130830-094451.jpg Was it a wolf (they frequent the area) or a dog? We discussed this all the way into Banff. In the end we went into the Parks information centre and showed them the photo. They said it was definitely a wolf and how lucky we had been to see one. We drove out of Banff to Peter Loughbrough Provincial Park along a very dusty gravel road to camp in a quiet spot for the night.

20130830-094755.jpg From there we headed to Waterton Lakes National Park. After been disappointed to not see any bears in Jasper or Banff National Parks we were delighted to see 3 grizzly bears on our drive to the campsite!

20130830-094954.jpg There was also bear droppings just near where we camped so clearly a lot around. The next morning we also sighted a Black Bear. As we finish our time in Canada, the Rockies have been stunning and have been a great way to finish 6 weeks in Canada.





3 thoughts on “More of the magnificent Rockies

  1. Lovely to see your photos, brought back lots of happy memories of our canadian hols.Looking fwd to the next instalment.
    love from Family Pillow

  2. What an amazing adventure! Bet you were glad you were in your truck rather than a tent though… Mimi is very envious. Love to you all xx

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