Into Cowboy Country

We crossed into the US at a border crossing that is only open in the summer. The location was spectacular and the border guards very friendly. One even filled the forms in for Alisha and Lucy while we did our own. After a few questions on fruit and vegetables and paying our 6 dollars each we were through in 20 minutes. So much better than standing in line at JFK. Our destination was Glacier National Park which is linked to Waterton National Park. However first we needed to stock up with food and other things so it was a good drive to the nearest town. Things are pretty remote here in Montana. This meant another Walmart night but at least this allowed Alisha to watch the first Harry Potter movie after reading the book 5 times in the last 2 weeks. The following day we headed into Glacier National Park. It was Labour day weekend so very busy but we were lucky enough to find a campsite. Although a lot busier than the Canadian side the scenery is still spectacular. On the famous Going to the Sun Road we had to leave our truck as it was too big and take a shuttle.

20130904-084539.jpg The girls also completed their junior ranger books for the park and were then quizzed on them by one of the wardens. They had to say their oaths before been given their badges.

20130904-084656.jpg We also saw some Mountain goats while out hiking.


20130904-084753.jpg It was also nice to spend an evening with two other couples and their children who were camping next to us. Dinner was a case of bring your own everything, food, pots, plates etc. We had a lovely evening and the kids had fun playing with some other children. Leaving the mountains we travelled through the rolling countryside of cowboy country in Montana. Here the skies and ranches are big and everyone buys their guns with their groceries! Well maybe not everyone. We arrived in Bozeman, a lovely little town with a trendy Main Street all full of bars, restaurants and shops and stopped the night there. We treated ourselves to a Mexican meal before driving back to the campsite in the dark, the first time we have driven in the dark in over 9000kms.

3 thoughts on “Into Cowboy Country

  1. You certainly seem to be having a good time. Pleased that the girls met some more children they would enjoy that. The pictures are great love to you all xxx

  2. Hi Gilly
    Just been catching up on your last few blogs. It all sounds so fantastic. I’m so glad it’s turning out to be all you thought it would be and that no-one wants to go back to England or Prague! Your descriptions are great. Keep them coming.
    Very best wishes

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