Home again for now

From Lietchenstein we drove to Koblenz to visit Bocklet, where the truck was "born". They spent the day sorting a few minor issues out on the truck and tidying up some things from the UK registration. We spent the day looking around a very cold Koblenz.

20130407-200033.jpg The following morning we set off back to Prague stopping overnight at a convenient campsite which was near a massive camping store where we bought a few bits and bobs for the truck. I managed to reverse the truck into our drive on the second attempt, definitely getting better, as is Gilly with the guiding. So having returned home from our practice trip we can reflect on how ready we are for the big trip. The truck was fantastic. As the weather was not very good we had to spend a lot of time in it. It is definitively spacious enough for the trip and we managed to get along well inside it although some nights it took a while for the kids to get off to sleep. The truck is big to drive and you need to plan in advance where you are driving it once off the main roads. However my confidence in its growing. The truck was also extremely well insulated and equipped just right for our needs so we definitely think we have the right vehicle. So just 15 weeks until we set off. A lot to get done before then with work, packing up house and preparing for our trip.

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