From Edmonton to the beautiful Rockies

We were touched to hear from the truck's "Daddy" Michael Bocklet while we were on the road. He has been making trucks like ours for 30 years and retired at Christmas. He is now travelling through Canada and Alaska with his wife Henny, handing the reins of his company over to Gabriel his son who we have been working with. They arrived in Halifax 2 months before us but have a different route, so we caught up with them in Edmonton. After our truck being such an unusual sight in Canada with lots of photos and questions about being asked, it was strange to see a very similar one in the campsite. We had a great evening of food, comparing routes, travels and "slowly relaxing" into retirement stories (both Michael and Steve were on the email to work that afternoon). We waved goodbye to them the follow morning to see the "sites" of Edmonton. 20130826-181032.jpg In front of Michael and Henny Bocklet's truck The girls and I had a interesting time at the Science Museum in Edmonton, while Steve stocked up for the mountains. We then decided on a different cultural experience compared with the last 5 weeks. We headed off to what was once the biggest mall in the world for a movie and supper. After all the flat of the last week we were ready for some mountains, so we headed west for the Rockies. We could see them for miles away and were thrilled to see a flock of big horn sheep and a male elk with massive antlers in the first few kilometres. 20130826-181959.jpg20130826-182012.jpg Camping that night was beside a milky blue glacial river. We spent our time in Jasper hiking beside azure lakes, deep canyons, powerful waterfalls, milky rivers and Steve and Alisha trying for more fish. I spent my time simultaneously keeping my eyes out for bears (with excitement in the truck and trepidation when on foot) and the stunning mountain views. 20130826-182621.jpg20130826-182635.jpg20130826-182709.jpg20130826-182903.jpg




20130826-184157.jpg While the girls and I were homeschooling in Lake Maligne's car park Steve saw two graceful mule deer whilst on foot.

20130826-183715.jpg At the town of Jasper, Lucy was thrilled to spot a massive totem pole and learn of the story behind it. The national parks in Canada have great booklets for children explaining the wildlife and culture of the region, which the girls have been thoroughly enjoying. That night we made bannock, a bread much like trudilnik (for all you Czechs) cooked on a stick over a fire. They had learnt about it the previous evening at the fireside talk about bears.


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  1. Hi Gilly, Steve, Alisha and Lucy. After seeing your mum over the weekend and her showing us the blog and email link I’ve just been reading your latest post. It sounds absolutely fabulous and I can totally relate to Alisha’s excitement at seeing a real totem pole. We Make totem poles out of clay with our year ones and I would love for them to see one. Not much chance – but I will be telling them of your experiences. Look forward to reading your next news, take care and watch out for grizzlies!! Love rachaelxx

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