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There are lots of different people in Singapore from all over Asia, so naturally there are lots of different types of food. There is Malaysian food and Indian food and Chinese food. In this article we will be exploring the food in Singapore and finding out all the different dishes. Lucy fell in love with the boiled dumplings she even started calling us my sweet little boiled dumplings!! I called her back dumpling-face. I think that most of the time we ate Chinese. My favorite is like crispy noodles with meat on top. We had beancurd twice and it tastes .. well, it doesn't really taste of anything but its texture is of a very solid jelly. It looks like a piece of toast on the outside but like white jelly on the inside. We had many different dishes. One of the most famous is the boiled chicken and it is as plain as it sounds, served cold!! Weird. Daddy had a VERY, VERY, VERY spicy dish. The lady told him it was extremely spicy but he ordered it anyway. It was worth it to see his face, we all rolled around laughing. I tried to make him eat a spoonful of chilies but he didn't, he ate one chili though but is was cooked so it wasn't very spicy. When you eat Chinese food you always get a little dish of raw chilies green and red. {I would think the food was spicy enough}. Most of the time we ate in hawker markets that are basically lots of stalls and tables and you go and get the food you want. The way to pick the best food is to look for the stall with the biggest queue. 60% of Singaporeans eat at hawker markets every day. Several hawker stalls have even been awarded the Michelin award. Indian food is delicious, I think it is one of my favorite foods. We ate on banana leaves at one place, the Banana Leaf, they had delicious food. Another place we went to was Mr. Puta, I ordered butter chicken and a butter naan and I shared it with Lucy. There is lots of food in Singapore these are just a few types, we ate a lot of sushi too because we were staying above a Japanese supermarket. Durians are fruit that smell really weird, people who like them say they taste nice. But people who don't like them say it tastes like someone doing a poo in your mouth. We ate chicken and chips one lunchtime and it tasted great to have English food for a change. We ate loads of great food in Singapore, I hope the rest of Asia has just as great food.   A hawker stall. DSC02031 Hawker stall food DSC02033 Daddy eating hot Chilies DSC02034 Chips (for a change) and coconut DSC02038 Super spicy!!! DSC02041 Too hot for me!!! DSC02043 Some lovely masala dosa DSC02087 Dumplings, for "Dumpling-face" DSC02095 Smelly durian fruit DSC01981 Chinatown hawker market DSC01964 Lots of yummy coconut DSC01963 Getting coconuts at the hawker market DSC01959 Boiled chicken, chicken rice and coconut DSC01943

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  2. Evie and Zoe Will be very jealous. Great writing!Did you try the restaurant din Tai Fung? Our favorite. Make sure you make a trip to the botanical gardens! Kisses to your sister and mom and dad !! Jessica and Dave and Zoe and Evie from prague

    • Hi Jessica, We loved the botanical gardens too. Am I right in remembering that Zoe was born in Singapore? Are you in Turkey yet?

  3. Hi Alisha, I really enjoyed your post. You made me feel really hungry! My family (me and Richard and 13 year old Tom) are following your travels round the world. Good luck in Asia! Philippa (from the UK but in LA right now).

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