City sightseeing, Quebec and Montreal

From Cape Breton National Park to Quebec City it is a 1200km drive, so we broke it up with a couple of overnight stops at campgrounds by lakes along the way. On arriving in Quebec City we stayed at a campsite just outside the city. On our first afternoon there we spent the time getting on top of truck jobs after a week on the road. This consisted of doing the laundry, filling and emptying the truck water and waste tanks and giving the truck a bit of a clean. The following day we headed into Quebec City. Whilst we were only 17kms from the centre this involved a 20 minute walk and taking 2 buses so it took us an hour and a half to get in. Once we were there we toured the sights, walking on the city walls, seeing the most photographed (supposedly) hotel in the world and generally wandering the quaint streets.



20130803-211242.jpg We also had a fantastic lunch at a restaurant that specialised in rabbit. The following day was Alisha's birthday so we had a slow start. We went to hear how Maple syrup was made but it was all in French so the kids were a little bored although they did enjoy the tasting! We also found time to bake birthday cup cakes.

20130803-211456.jpg After lunch we drove to Montreal. As we needed to do some grocery shopping the plan was to stay the night in Walmarts car park (a common practice). However this was not possible at the first one we arrived at in Montreal. As we were driving to the next one we spotted a load of RVs parked by the river and headed down there to find we could camp for the night. As a treat for Alisha's birthday the girls stayed up for movie night.

20130803-211748.jpg Where we had parked was great as there was a ferry directly from the campsite to downtown Montreal which was really convenient. We spent the day walking around the old part of Montreal. Montreal is a much bigger city than Quebec and is less quaint. In some ways more grungy and a big city but it was still attractive and had a nice feel to it.


20130803-212040.jpg On our return to the campsite we found out why there were so many RVs parked by the river. It was the final night of a firework competition that night in Montreal and the riverfront would give a spectacular view.


4 thoughts on “City sightseeing, Quebec and Montreal

  1. Alisha sounds as though she had a good birthday . How fortunate to see the fireworks the girls would enjoy that. Pleased all is going well it all sounds very interesting. Live to you all xxxx

  2. Gilly, I’m addicted to the updates already. I’m so excited for you, Steve and the girls. Keep on posting…… there is a whole army of people enjoying the trip along with you xx

    • Hi Fiona, Thanks we are enjoying writing it too. We can’t actually believe after all these years of talking that we are actually doing it! It looks like you are having a great time paragliding in Italy too. Enjoy. Gx

  3. Clara, “I would like to know what movie you were watching, Lucy. I asked my Mommy and Daddy if I could have a movie night. I think it sounds like fun. I would like to visit you and you must come and visit me!”

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