A New Country

We left Lake Como to drive to Litchenstein. Why Litchenstein? Well mainly because it was a country none of us had been to and as we're in the area we though we should add it to the country count. We had a choice of 2 routes to get there. The substantially longer route on the motorways or the more direct route going over 2 mountain passes. As we will not be driving on motorways all around the world we decided Steve should have some practice on normal roads. The choice turned out to be a good one as the scenery was magnificent with the snow on the mountains.

20130403-201239.jpg However the driving was a bit hairy going over the passes as the hairpins were sometimes quite tight. This was made worse by the kids been car sick right at the wrong moment. The picture below gives you an idea but these were the easy ones. Gilly could not take pictures on the harder ones as she needed to help me round. Anyway good practice and a lovely drive.

20130403-201511.jpg Litchenstein is a tiny principality of 36,000 people all in 160 square kilometres covered mostly by mountains. So what would we do on our day here. Well we awoke to a cold and misty morning and decided to walk to the capital city Vaduz.

20130403-201726.jpg The capital was small but quite pretty but it did not take long to walk around.


20130403-201848.jpg On returning to the truck we found out that we had run out of gas. No problem we thought as they sold gas canisters at the campsite. However we had a German canister and they only sold Swiss ones so we could not exchange them. Dinner was going to be difficult but we managed with pasta cooked by boiling the kettle and warming a sauce in hot water. Off to Germany tomorrow so should be no problem exchanging the gas bottle.

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